Welcome to the HVNA!


Joining HVNA

All residents of Hope Valley are encouraged to join the HVNA (and nearly two-thirds already have!)  Basic dues start at just $30 annually and support common area landscaping, crime prevention, community events, our welcoming service, a seasonal newsletter, our email listserv, this website, and more. 

Join Our Email List

All Hope Valley residents are encouraged to join our neighborhood email list.  This is a moderated list used to share information about neighborhood events, security concerns, and lost and found items and pets.  Hope Valley residents who are also HVNA members can also join our Bulletin Board list to share commercial posts, service referrals, and other information.

New to Hope Valley?

If you are new to the neighborhood, drop us a line and we'll send over a welcoming package.  We are always happy to help with questions about dues, our services, events, and the neighborhood in general.  We are proud of Hope Valley's role in Durham's history, and the eclectic people, houses, flora and fauna you'll find here today.


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